Nike Flex Womens Trainer

Nike Flex Trainer

I recently bought myself some new trainers from Sports Direct. Browsing through the selection I came across the Nike Flex Womens Trainer. I was hesitant at the time as they were £57 which is quite a lot for a trainer. However, who can resist a reduction in price to £46.99. Once trying them on I feel in love. Here are some of the features that is great about this shoe:

  1. Light Weight – As soon as I put the trainer on and stood up I was amazed. Before these trainers I had a pair of Nikes however these new ones were so much lighter. I did not feel like I was dragging my feet around.
  2. Can be used as a general shoe, or for the gym. – This trainer can be used for many different activities which is great, and gives me a reason to justify the price to my parents.
  3. The design – This design is very eye pleasing. It has really cool laces as its a mixture of white and black which makes the trainer modern and fashionable. The black and white colour means it matches with everything.
  4. The comfort – The shoe has a much higher pull tab than any of the trainers I have ever had. This means it is quite an easy shoe to put on and it makes the shoe feel more cozy.

The only negative I have found about this trainer is the white. I asked one of my friends who has the biggest collection of trainers I have ever seen how I can keep the white part clean. Sadly he replied it was not possible :/ I guess all that can be done is to avoid muddy fields xx

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3 thoughts on “Nike Flex Womens Trainer

  1. Hey, I am looking to get some of these and your review has defiantly persuaded me further, with regards to the white sole which I assume you are referring to having problems with keeping them clean… I usually use a sponge like a washing up one with some fairy liquid, and sometimes when the marks and more stubborn I use nail varnish remover (only on the rubber sole) this works for me…

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    1. Yes I would definitely recommend these! They look great and are super comfy! Thank you so much on the washing tips, I will definitely give that a try after I’ve got them a bit more mucky 🙂 cheers xx

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