Shanghai 上海


Shanghai was one of those cities you will always remember. From the crowded streets to the shopping centres. You will not be disappointed. Shanghai is divided into Pudong and Puxi, dong meaning east and xi meaning west. Having lived there for 4 years here are the musts:

  1. Walk along the bund. As a tourist you can get great photos of the buildings skyline, the picture I took is below. Sorry it is not of the best quality but I only took the photo with my phone. There are also some designer stores around the area, or you can take the very across the river and go into the Pearl Tower of the now 3 tallest buildings of Shanghai.

    One of my personal photos.
    One of my personal photos.
  2. Superbrand Mall. One of the biggest shopping centres in Shanghai I went to. With a movie theatre and an ice skating rink on the top floor there is plenty to do. Shops such as Zara, Next, and Hollister fill the centre along with food outlets.
  3. The Golden Toilet. Located in Puxi, the golden toilet is one of the more interesting sites you will find. The golden toilet can be found in XinTianDi. It is a part of a bathroom themed restaurant, serving ice cream made to resemble poo. XinTianDi is also a lovely place to walk around and take pictures. It is a compilation of small old chinese streets for pedestrians only. Along with the toilet restaurant you will also find a great cafe in the centre which serves freshly squeezed fruit juices and an Irish Potato Take-Away.

These are just some of the great things Shanghai has to offer. Along with the unbelievable nightlife Shanghai is a great tourist destination and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for an adventure. xx

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