The Leather Jacket


I believe that an essential item for everybody’s wardrobe is a leather jacket whether real or fake. It matches with basically everything. They sell leather jackets practically everywhere; New Look, Dorothy Perkins, and Superdry. Prices for leather jackets vary depending on the type of leather and the store of purchase. I purchased my jacket in South Korea at the leather market and paid roughly £80. Additionally, I find it the perfect jacket to use when you are unsure about the weather. I believe it is well at protecting you from heavy winds. The only down side about it is if it is real leather it cannot be worn in the rain. If it is exposed to rain it won’t damage the leather immediately, however, if you do wear it constantly in rain it will begin to crack. However, there is a solution. The jacket can be coated with a protections from rain.

When its time for a clean it is recommended to place the jacket in a a bag with a general freshen-up, and place in the freezer overnight. I must admit I did not have much hope when I placed it in the freezer but when I woke up the next day I was amazed. My jacket smelt amazing, and I was glad to know it was now bacteria free… well for now xx

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