IPhone Down the Toilet

My Worst Nightmare
My Worst Nightmare

You honestly think it will never happen to you, but trust me it is easily done. I left my phone in the back pocket of my jeans and forgot about it. I decided to go to the bathroom and as I was pulling my jeans down a heard a clank and then a splash. I turned around and to my horror I found my IPhone 5S down the toilet. I quickly fished it out and looked up what I needed to do. Based on what I researched this is what I would recommend:

  1. GET IT OUT. Get the phone out as soon as possible, the longer its in there the more water it will intake.
  2. TURN OFF. If you can turn off the phone then do so. If the phone is not responding LEAVE IT! My mistake is I kept trying to turn it off as there was no response.
  3. REMOVE SIM CARD. As my phone was an IPhone I was not able to remove the battery, however, you should remove the sims card and sim card slot so that it may dry out.
  4. A BAG OF RICE OR SILICA. Either place the phone in a bag of rice or silica, this will hopefully bring out the moisture built up inside the phone out.
  5. LEAVE IT. This is very important, do not try to touch the buttons, just let it rest in the bag for as long as possible. I would suggest 48-72 hours as you cannot take the IPhone apart.

Once you have left it put your sim card back in with the sim card slot. Charge the phone and leave it for a few hours. Then try and turn it on, if it does not respond leave it charged longer. It may take a while for a response, my phone did not respond for 5 hours. Once it switches on it should be ok. However, do be aware, once my phone turned on it worked for an hour and then completely crashed. I did sadly have to get a new phone, however, Carphone Warehouse were able to give me £70 for my water damaged IPhone as I was on a sim only contract. Your phone is your life and you may not realise it. My biggest suggestion is to back-up your phone at the end of each week, so if you do damage your phone, you still have all the data from your phone backed-up. xx

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One thought on “IPhone Down the Toilet

  1. Oh my gosh same thing happened to me, same way. I wasn’t at home so I just threw it away, yuck. I did this though when I dropped my phone into a cup of soda and it worked!

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