My Handbag Essentials

Handbag Essentials

Apart from the obvious phone, wallet and keys there are a few things I must have in my bag.

  1. Sunglasses – You never know when the you’ll need them so I always make sure to slip them in my bag before I go out.Sunglasses
  2. Hand Food Hand Moisturiser – Especially when I am traveling by air I find my hands get very dry so I always make sure I have my Hand Food Hand Moisturiser. Which can be purchases at places like Boots & Superdrug.  Hand Food
  3. Lip Balm – I always carry lip balm in my bag especially during the winter. I am currently in love with the Nivea cherry lip balm as it gives my lips a bit of colour and shine while moisturising them. It also tastes great which is another positive. It can be bought at most Boots and Superdrugs. Lip Balm
  4. Make-Up Top-Ups – If I haven’t used any primer then I usually bring some eyeliner or lipstick with me for top-ups if I am wearing it. My favourite lipstick at the moment is the Kate Moss 01 lipstick from Rimmel London. This is a statement lipstick and I will only really wear it on nights out or if I’m wearing something quite plain. The lipstick gives me an extra pop!Kate Moss Lipstick 01
  5. Tissues – You never know when you’ll have that awkward sneeze or when you will need them. They are quite light weight so I just pop them in my bags. I always make sure I have them especially when I have a cold.Tissues
  6. Mini Ralph-Lauren 2 Perfume – If I know I will be out all day I usually bring my mini Ralph Lauren Perfume so I can stay fresh throughout the day. Its a great size and is easy to slip in my bag.Ralph Lauren 2
  7. Pen – When I’m traveling I usually take a pen to fill out landing cards if necessary and you never really know when you’ll need them.Pen
  8. Nail File – I always carry around a nail file as my nails are quite long and break easily. I’m not too fussy as to where I buy my nail files but I always make sure I have one in my bag and one in my house.Nail File
  9. Hand Sanitiser – If I’m going out for food I will slip a little hand sanitiser in my bag. It saves me from having to go to the bathroom and wash my hands before the meal. They also smell great as a bonus!

Hand SanitiserThere are obviously plenty more things you can carry around in your hand bag. These are just a few things I find myself going for in my bag during the day which I find handy to have. xx

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