Ordering Clothes Online

When it comes to ordering clothes online there are so many things that run through my mind. What size should I get? Will the colour be the same as in the picture? Will I like the material? Will it look good on me? These questions used to scare my quite often from buying clothes online. Now I have learnt to just take a step back and look at the big picture. You can put it in a basket and come back to it later if your basket is below the minimum free shipment price. If worse comes to worse you can usually send it back. If you have to return it for a cost maybe you could give it to a friend for their birthday.boohoo.com

When I shop online I usually look at ASOS, Boohoo and Missguided. They have some really cool stuff, they have the good old Student Discount and the site is very easy to navigate around. I will now share with you some advise to the questions I used to ask myself. Hopefully this can give you some help and make you more confident when ordering clothes online!

What size should I get? This is probably the most difficult question and the one I always ask myself. The key is be truthful to your size. If you are an in-between size (like me) go for the larger of the sizes, remember you can always send it back!  If they show sizes that I am not familiar with then I will look at their sizing chart. The sizing chart will give you the size that you are familiar with and show you what it equates to in their terms.

Remember: Each company will have their own sizing chart!
Remember: Each company will have their own sizing chart!

Will the colour be the same as in the picture? This is a tough one. I usually find they do looks the same. The only thing you need to watch out for is fluorescent colours as they do not appear to be fluorescent in the photos on some of the sites. However, the name of the product will start with fluorescent if it is. Always check the name they will usually state the colour of the product.Online Shopping

Will I like the material? Again this is a tricky one. The retailers usually provide a list of materials used in the clothing. If I don’t know what the material is I will usually check my wardrobe to see if I have any clothes with the same material (can be found on the label near the washing instructions). Or I will look it up online.Fabrics

Will it look good on me? I usually look at the reviews on the product if there are any. However, it is about knowing your body. I know that I need to stay away from trapeze dresses. I require dresses that come in at the waist, as my hips are quite large, hence making me look ten times bigger than I actually am.

A Trapeze Dress
A Trapeze Dress

I hope this helps you in some way when deciding on whether to purchase some clothing online or not. All I can suggest is read the reviews and take a chance. xx

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