IPhone Accessories

IPhone 5S
IPhone 5S

I recently got a new IPhone after dropping my old one down the toilet. I decided to glam up my phone with some new accessories from Amazon. I ordered a new case, a 3 meter charger cable and a glass protector screen.

  • My new case – The new case I bought is fabulous. Its fun to play with and it also protects the back and edges of the phone. Although it does make my phone a little more chunky I like to know that it has the best protection if I drop it. The case comes in various colours and you can also get different moving bits inside the case. At £6.80 including shipping and some good reviews I thought I would give it a go.

IPhone Case

  • The 3 Meter Charger Cable – I additionally decided to purchase a 3 meter long charger as I find when I run out of battery the closet plug always seems to be ages away. Now with my 3 meter cable I find that I can still use my phone while it is charging. Contrary to popular belief I have found that my cable actually charges at the same rate as the shorter charger that came with the phone. I would not recommend buying this cable unless you are going to use it as it was £13.31 including shipping. You can also get cables in different colours. I choose black to match the colour of my phone. You can also get a 2 meter cable which is double the size of the cable that comes with the phone.

3M Charger

  • The glass screen protector – I have always had the plastic screen protectors on my phone and after reading online reviews I decided to try out the glass one. Yes, the plastic is cheaper and will protect the phone from scratches, but it cannot guarantee a non-cracked screen if you drop your phone. The glass screen protector aims to protect your screen from smashing. Instead it will smash the screen protector. So instead of paying £60 to have your screen replaced you can pay £1.49 for a new glass screen protector. I would highly recommend this product as it’s easy to put on the phone. I had no bubble issues as I did with my plastic protector.

Glass Screen ProtectorThere are many other accessories you can get to go with your phone. However I’m pretty basic when it comes to my phone. Amazon is a great place to look out for some cheap new accessories that come out. But I would definitely suggest to read the reviews! If the reviews are mostly negative then I would stay well away from that product or provider! xx

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