Essie Review

Trophy Wife
Trophy Wife

For my birthday a few years ago one of my friends bought me an essie nail polish. I had never own that brand of nail polish before. I received the colour Trophy Wife. I adore this colour as blue is one of my favourite colours. I haven’t got a nail polish similar to this colour as its quite a shiny colour. Due to the shininess of the nail polish I often don’t feel the need to apply a clear top coat. However, if I have the time and I want the polish to last longer then I will apply a clear top coat. I find this nail polish will last 4-5 days depending on what activities I will be doing during the week. I will usually apply two layers of this colour as it is quite dark and doesn’t need as many layers as lighter nail polishes. It drys in decent time, however, it does depend on how many layers of polish you use. Obviously the more layers on your nails the longer it will take to dry.

Overall I think that Essie is a really lovely nail polish brand. However, I would rate OPI slightly better than Essie due to the time it lasts on my nails. I love this colour and I find myself using it quite often as I do wear a lot of blue. I would give essie trophy wife an 8.5/10. xx


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