Koh Samui เกาะสมุย

Koh SamuiLast year a group of friends and I went to Koh Samui, Thailand for our graduation trip. I had an absolute great time and here is a few things we did that I would recommend if you are planning on visiting this lovely island.

1. ShoppingChaweng Shopping
We went to Chaweng which is on the east side of the island. I bought some amazing blue flowing trousers with an elephant pattern on them. They are ridiculously comfortable and they have lasted well! I bought them for 150 Baht which is £2.85!!! I also ended up buying my sister a pair. While in town we additionally treated ourselves to so crêpes which they served on the road side. They were amazing and there were plenty of flavours to choose from. We also picked up a full moon t-shirt as we knew we were going to be going later in the week.

2. Night Life

Night Life - Koh Samui
A couple of my friends and I at Ark Bar

For nightlife we would get a tuk tuk into Chaweng and back to the villa later. They were everywhere and quite cheap, we never had a problem with them. There were plenty of bars and clubs you could go to, and it was always great to the lots of transgender ladies on the streets willing to have a chat with you. We went to the Ark Bar along the beach which had a fire show along with little girls trying to sell you glow sticks and a man walking around with a huge lizard. We would then usually head further in land to the clubs and end up at the green mango. My only suggestion about going out is to wear flats, you could wear heals but they wouldn’t be very practical on the beach. There was additionally a full moon party which was on an island north of Koh Samui. We paid for a speed boat to head up there. The water was very choppy that evening so I would advice not to sit at the front of the boat like we mistakenly did. It was packed but nevertheless we still had a great time

3. The Big Budha
The Big Budha

Although it was our graduation trip and all we really wanted to do was go out in the evenings and have a good time. We thought we should probably experience some culture. We went to the Big Budha, and when they say big they do mean it. Located close to the airport I would definitely recommend taking time to see it, as I have never seen anything like it.

Overall the trip was a lot of fun. I bumped into many friends who I hadn’t seen in years and we also ran into other groups from our school. If you are feeling adventurous I would also suggest trying a jelly shot over there. There were also many sports bars in Chaweng so if you are into your sport you can usually find some on the tvs. We went and watched a world cup match one evening at a bar, due to the time difference they were shown in the late evening. xx


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