My Favourite Jeans


At the moment there is one pair of jeans that I just cannot get enough of. They are the Jodi Jeans from Topshop as seen below. They come in all different colours including white, army green and black. Furthermore they come in different shades of blue. You can also get some with knee cut outs if you want. I ended up choosing the darker shade of blue as I find it more flattering and it matches with lots of things. In terms of size it works with W&L (Waist and Length). This is great as it means you can find a size that fits you perfectly! After trying on a few sizes I ended up settling for a W28 and L32. I believe that equates to a 10 Regular length, but don’t take my work for it, I’m not an expert!

Jodi Jeans

What I love about these jeans is the fact that I can wear a crop to with them without revealing my belly button. I have never owned a pair of jeans where that was possible for me. Hence I avoided crop tops. Another great feature of these jeans is they are comfortable! I’m not sure if it is the material, but I feel very put together when wearing them. Another one of my favourite features which some of you may not agree with is there are no front pockets! I always find whenever I wear jeans with front pockets I end up with elephant ears :/ I don’t know why that is but it doesn’t look great and I am constantly having to tuck the pockets back in. These jeans do however have back pockets so if I need to put anything in a pocket I can. The only downside to these jeans are that they are quite pricey at £36.00, however, I think they are well worth it! xx


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