I was recently lucky enough to travel to the Island of Bermuda in the Atlantic. I went for 10 days with my family and we all had a great time. Counter to popular belief Bermuda is not a part of the Caribbean. Bermuda is located of the east coast of America and is roughly level with Charlotte. Furthermore there is no risk of being lost in the Bermuda triangle when flying in from the UK as Bermuda is the tip of the triangle so you never actually fly in it. You would be surprised by the number of people who do not realise it. It’s quite a small island with reefs surrounding the island. Hence all the ship wreckage’s that you can visit around the island. There are quite a few places to visit, however, I would say the following areas are worth a trip to.

Map of Bermuda

The Docklands
This is a popular area of the island as this is where all the cruise ships come to dock. There are plenty of tourist shops around the area. They also have ferries which takes you to popular places such as St. George’s and Hamilton.

St. George’s
This area of the island is much less crowded. There are plenty of shops to have a nose in, along with tourist shops too. They also hold a re-enactment from back in the day, which ultimately ends up with a woman been dunked multiple times into the water. There’s also a lovely pub in the centre of the square and if you sit outside next to the railing you can look into the water and see hundreds of fish… although that’s after you have dropped some food into the water of course!

The capital of the island. This is where you will find most of the shops an restaurants. I believe there is even a nightclub there. A shop I would recommend is the Island shop. It has some lovely bits and bobs, well worth a look. You can additionally catch a ferry to different parts of the island making public transportation quite easy. Although make sure you wear suncream as the sun is very strong over there.

Bermuda Beach

Overall a great holiday and I would definitely recommend it to people looking for a relaxing holiday. The sea is so clear and the sand is so fine, you have to see it to believe it! xx


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