The Long Haul Flight Essentials

Ted Baker Suitcase

When travelling on a long flight there are a few essentials I would highly recommend you carry around. Firstly I would suggest taking a wheel along mini case to bring on board with you. This allows you to bring all your valuables and essential items with you. Within this mini suitcase I would usually prepare a little bag with the essentials so I don’t have to keep going into my case throughout the flight. Here is what I keep in the little bag;


  1. My passport – I always keep my passport in the little bag as I may be required to fill in a customs form. They give them out on the flight and I usually just fill them in then and there to get it over and done with. Which also reminds me, I always have a pen in the little bag to fill in the required forms.

    Hand Food

  2. Hand cream – I don’t know what it is but my hands get so dry on long flights. Therefore I always have a bottle of hand cream in the bag and at my disposal.

    Iphone and Headphones

  3. IPhone & Headphones – I tend not to use the headphones provided by the airline as they frankly don’t work very well and are uncomfortable and therefore I use my own. I also have my IPhone in my little bag so that I remember to turn airplane mode on and if I want to listen to music then it is there.

    max&co Glasses

  4. My glasses – If I want to sleep on the flight then it allows me to take my contact lens out sleep and then have my glasses waiting for me when I wake up.

    JW Jumper

  5. A jumper – I usually get quite cold on flights. Therefore I will remove the jumper from my little suitcase and just place it in the pocket provided on the seat in front of me.

Those are really the only things I carry around in my bag, sometimes I will bring a few makeup bits. So that I have some option to put on some makeup in the bathroom before we land, but I usually cannot be bothered after such a long flight. Obviously not everyones little flight bag will have the same content as mine. Everyone will have different needs when it comes to long haul flights and it is just a question of what that is. xx


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