Sports vs. Make-Up


Let’s just say sports and make-up tend not to go well together. You’ll always have that one person who thinks they can do it, but after a while you will begin to see some black developing under her eyes. Sweat acts like water so if you are planning on doing a sporting activity and want to wear make-up waterproof is a must! If you don’t have a waterproof eyeliner for example, then do not put any on!! Alternatively you can always apply the make-up after you do the sport. At school I would have PE in the morning, hence, I would wear no make-up to school except some waterproof mascara. Once PE was over I could put my make-up on for the day. If you want to wear make-up to play sport you can. However, remember you can also take it off before you partake. Furthermore, if you remove your make-up your face will have some time to breath and persperate properly. So, to sum up my tips in a few steps;

  1. Waterproof make-up only.
  2. Make sure it is actually waterproof.
  3. Avoid rubbing your eyes if you have applied waterproof make-up.
  4. No one really cares about make-up during sport, so do you really need it?
  5. You can always apply your make-up after you have finished your physical activity.
  6. You are allowed to take make-up off before participating in a sport.

Sweat 2

And do not forget it is ok to not wear make-up. We are all just as beautiful without it anyways xx


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